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Is the World Better off without AL-Bashir? by Yousif Omer Bashir/ New York

Published by admin on 2013/2/18 (22440 reads)

SudaneseOnline-Sudan su-pres

was the largest country in Africa until South Sudan went to self determination and seceded from the Republic of Sudan in 2011 following a referendum of a comprehensive peace agreement between two Sudan citizens in 2005 and sponsored by the United States of America.

South Sudan has become the newest country in the world after a long history of civil war with the North' with a cost of more than two millions lives and millions of refugees displaced to the North Sudan and neighboring countries.

Today Sudan is one of the richest countries in the African continent and the Mideast with an abundance of natural resources including: asbestos, chromites, cobalt, copper, gold, granite, gypsum, iron, kaolin, lead, manganese, mica, natural gas, nickel, petroleum, silver, tin, uranium and zinc. It has one of the longest rivers in the world, more than two hundred million acres of farmable virgin land, huge quantities of oil reserve, gum Arabic, breeding cattle and many highly educated professionals with advanced knowledge of the sciences and education. The country itself lies on a strategic location and neighboring eight countries, opening to the Red Sea and a very large seaport.

Despite all the strength and opportunities to make this stable country rise up from a failing poor country, to the perhaps one of top in the world for growth and economic progress; peace prosperity, and democratic inspiration are still needed if the to the region hopes to potentially save billions of dollars. which US and UN spending in conflict region, unstable governments and war zone areas in Africa continent.

Unfortunately Sudan was hijacked 1989 by a religious group who eventually established a military dictatorial regime, ruling the country by state of emergency government and repression intensified against all dissenting voices, largely conducted by the National Intelligence and Security Services. The crackdown on human rights activists was aimed at preventing any independent reporting on the human rights; and humanitarian workers working in war regions were subjected to further attacks and restrictions on freedom of movement. Journalists reporting on human rights violations also faced censorship and harassment and a number of women’s rights defenders were also targeted.

Following the human right repression a war, genocide, and ethnic cleansing against African decent tribes in Darfur, Blue Nile and Nubba Mountain caused the death of more than 300 thousand civilians and millions refugees and displaces to desert refugee camp and neighbors countries.

Regarding all these brutal tactics and crimes against his own people, AL-Bashir spread corruption system and made the country save haven of all terrorists groups instead of focusing on economic issues, growth and development. AL-Bashir started exporting terrorism to the region instead of exporting goods and productions.

The birth of the new dawn in Kampala is a quantum leap in the march of the Sudan revolution to stop the terrorists, death, and genocide in all parts of the country and end the policies of destruction and terrorism. Creating political transparency, building a new democratic system and socioeconomic prosperity are key to the restoration of freedom, dignity and the advancement of the country from the clutches of failure and loss of a bright future.

The latest of the New Dawn Charter has political implications of great magnitude in the depth of Sudanese society and echo both regionally and internationally. It has important political variables which will make the most important landmarks transfer power from the traditional center where the undemocratic old guard sectarian and religious parties and failure elites to the centers of gravity geographical moves to a center of political decision that identifies with the center positioning demographic.

My question is to the international community as a whole and United States of America especially - is the world better off with or without president AL-Bashir? If the answer is to be without AL-Bashir, then the United States and international community should stop dealing with this brutal regime and president AL-Bashir - a war criminal wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against his own people. AL-Bashir is actively sponsors terrorism efforts and is religious radical supporter, the consequences of which will threaten the local region there and United States national security here. United State should support should support the New Dawn Charter and all the resisting groups against Al-Bashir to solve all these chaotic situations and bring peace, human rights, and democracy to Sudan along with peace to the region and and neighboring countries - especially the South Sudan, the new born country.

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