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Review of the latest aggression on North & South Kordofan

Published by admin on 2013/5/31 (5431 reads)

Um Rowwaba is one of the beautiful towns in North Kordofan State. The town and its sister of Abu Kershola (South Kordofan State) were attacked by the so called Sudan Revolutionary Front rebels.
SRF is a group of outlawed movements comprising Sudan Liberation Movement-North and some Darfuri rebels movements.
ٍSRF has been hostile to Sudan since the secession of South Sudan in 2011. When the deputy governor of South Kordofan Abdel Aziz Al Hilu lost the elections for the governor of the state, he joined the rebels movement along with Blue Nile Governor, Malik Agar .
The two leaders were part of the SPLM, the current ruling movement in South following the secession. During the peace negotiations between the Sudanese government and SPLM, the two leaders have utilized the agreed upon popular consultation. They have exploited the popular consultations to escalate the dispute in the two regions. Simultaneously, insurgence has erupted in Darfur.
Since its inception, SRF has been planning to topple the Sudanese government which swept 2010 elections in collaboration with the Darfuri rebel movements.

The political opposition parties are hesitant, According to Political Parties Act and the constitution, the political parties are not allowed to combine between peaceful and armed opposition.
The rebel attacks on Abu Kershola, Um Rowwaba, Al Simeeh, Allah Kareem in North have take the entire Sudan people by surprise. The rebels have carried out physical liquidations of political , community figures and innocent citizens. The criminal acts were widely condemned by the civil organizations and political parties.
Following the aggression, mobilization Committee led by the Field Marshal Abdel Rahamn Suwar Adahab and the former defence minister Abdel Majid Hamid Kahalil was formed.
The Sudanese army has pursued the remnants of the aggressors . The Sudanese parliament has called for holding accountable any official for not carrying out his duties as duly. The National Assembly Speaker has accused Juba and Kampala of supporting the rebels.Sudan has also asked regional and international organizations to take clear actions and condemn the rebel acts.
The attack has coincided with the Israeli deputy defence Minister's visit to Juba. The visit also also condemned by the Sudanese people
ٍSRF rebels have killed innocent people, policemen and devastated vital institutions including banks, power stations and communication towers.
Senior Sudanese official drawing the First Vice President, Ali Osman Taha have visited the area. As expected the Sudanese government has suspended negotiations with SLM-N which kicked off on April 23 in Addis Ababa without breakthrough.
The Sudanese newspapers have criticized the government for prior reports about the rebels attacks. The army has inflicted heavy loss on the aggressors who used the elderly, women and children as human shields
ِAhead of the attack, the Sudanese army has recaptured Labado and Muhajirya, South and East Darfur from the Darfuri rebels.
ِ About 22,000 person arrived in Al Rahad where national voluntary organizations are ready to shelter them. Humanitarian assistance has flown from the different states in support of North Kordofan displaced.

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