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The Displacement of the "population in the Renaissance Dam

Published by admin on 2013/5/28 (16557 reads)

1 /. The Opposition "All Ethiopian Unity Party" and several other independent opposionists held a meeting on April 17, 2013 in Addis Ababa to discuss the developments of the displacement of people living in the area of the Creat Renaissance Dam Project. Indigenous Amhara people,. Bani Shangool Gomez, have been forced by the Federal Police to relocate. from this area; many of them were arrested or wounded in the process.

2/ Agenhiom said in the meeting, that the displacement of the Amhara people from Bani Shangool Gomez region, where the Renaissance Dam project is located, has won significant attention on the regional and international levels. The Amhara people were relocated from their area by a sudden decision from the authorities; the government and the Ruling Front resorted to this action to cover their political failure in dealing with this project, as the government has always exaggerated the project's accomplishments and funds to the public.

3. / The Chairman of the "All Ethiopian Unity Party" Wandem Agenhiom said that the acts of the government against the population of Bani Shangool constitute an international crime, and that. the Party is determined to file a complaint against the Ethiopian government with the International Criminal Court. He pointed out that moving people from their homes and lands will cast its shadow on the .future of the government and the Ruling Front in Ethiopia.

4/. He also pointed out that this crisis demonstrates the ethnic policy that the government and the Ruling Front in Ethiopia are following, and that it will drag Ethiopia to an ethnic war that could enentually cause the country' to' collapse. He emphasized the needfor all opposition forces to work together against the Ruling Front to put an end to such policies.

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